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The benefit of unified communications includes better oversight, increased worker productivity, and more.

CPS has a multitude of communication methods that can help management employees track their time, help ensure all time zones are represented, and help all employees keep up-to-date with any changes, as well as provide the opportunity for more frequent conferences. We suggest visiting websites like to learn all you need to know about unified communications.

Navigating the benefits and challenges of network and security  transformation

Collaborative assignments and team-work. One of the best tools that every employer can use is a telephone, or “telephone call” as it is commonly referred to. The telephone is a highly productive communication device that provides quality communication from both the front line and top management. A plethora of paid time off and free lunches can be purchased and employees can sit at a desk in a comfortable position to receive the call, thus putting off the tedious process of calling the office.

A common misconception is that all your employees need to use a phone to work effectively together. While this is one option that can be utilized, it can be highly inefficient when compared to other options. Additionally, many employees find the only way to make the most of their free phone time is to take advantage of a time-sharing arrangement that works for them.

But if no way to utilize the telephone is on the table, what other solutions can employees utilize?

For example, ask your employees for “simplified calendars” that display where employees can be reached at any given time. Many have no problem speaking with their managers at the end of the work day, which results in wasted time if not used carefully.

Since telephones are so costly, many businesses (and their employees) are turning to e-mail. However, e-mail is extremely time consuming as it consumes precious minutes of employee time that could otherwise be used for more productive tasks. E-mail can be an invaluable tool to employees as it can be used to communicate with supervisors, verify meeting attendance and report errors. However, it must be used carefully and must not be taken for granted.

What about that e-mail attachment you received from the sales department? That can be returned to the client for a reduced price of your business. There is no need to stare at a blank e-mail.

And there you have it, some simple tips that can improve employee productivity, keep track of time, and keep managers and other employees involved. This will get your organization ready for new and improved employee engagement and greatly contribute to the bottom line.

How can you improve employee engagement and improve their quality of life?

The most efficient way is to implement this sort of governance. Corporate America and other businesses are beginning to take their employees into consideration as a market. With the rise of wireless technologies, businesses are not giving up on email, telephone call times, and the rest of the “old” ways to communicate. It is time for the organizations to learn to live with change.

H. Todd Belich, the Founder of 1.5 Million of Us, believes that you should not always provide the tools that employees need to do their job efficiently. As businesses become more mobile, they are now ready to adopt these newer technologies and adopt this sort of governance to make the process easier for their employees.

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